Dr. German Trujillo and his team at Pearlmax Oral Surgery provide a wide selection of oral and maxillofacial surgery solutions “near me” at their office in San Diego, California, serving local communities such as La Mesa, CA and its surrounding area. In addition to the more common procedures, Dr. Trujillo is a facial surgeon offering facial trauma repair and jawbone reconstruction. These treatments are often part of facelift dentistry.

Facelift dentistry in my area

Facelift dentistry is a modern approach to achieving a youthful and rejuvenated appearance through dental treatment. It combines cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and neuromuscular dentistry, utilizing the latest technology and techniques to improve the overall facial structure and appearance. At Pearlmax Oral Surgery, this may include facial trauma repair, maxillofacial surgery, or even jawbone reconstruction.

How does jaw alignment affect my facial contours?

One of the main goals of facelift dentistry at Pearlmax Oral Surgery located close to the La Mesa, California, area is to address any underlying issues with jaw alignment. The position of the jaw significantly impacts the overall facial structure and contours. If the lower jaw is set too far backward, it can cause an overbite or underbite, leading to a weak chin and a sunken appearance in the lower part of the face.

On the other hand, if the jaw is positioned too far forward, it can create a protruding or square jawline. These issues can also cause tension and stress in the facial muscles, leading to headaches, TMJ disorder, and other oral health problems. However, they can be addressed with the assistance of Dr. German Trujillo and his team.

Correcting the alignment of the jaw through facelift dentistry can not only address these functional problems but also improve the aesthetics of the face. A well-aligned jaw can create a more symmetrical and balanced appearance, resulting in a more youthful and attractive facial structure. This also reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines, as the tension in the facial muscles is relieved

In addition to jaw alignment, facelift dentistry can also address issues such as missing or damaged teeth, uneven bite patterns, and discolored or misshapen teeth. By combining various dental treatments and techniques, the team at Pearlmax Oral Surgery can customize a treatment plan to address each patient’s unique needs and goals.

Dr. German Trujillo is also pleased to offer facial aesthetics solutions such as Botox injections to help restore youthfulness to one’s appearance. Botox is not only used to address fine lines and wrinkles caused by muscle tension but can also be used to reduce pain and discomfort associated with conditions such as bruxism or temporomandibular joint disorder.

How do I learn more about jawbone reconstruction and other maxillofacial surgery options at Pearlmax Oral Surgery?

If you are seeking a professional who offers facelift dentistry “near me” in San Diego, CA; near the area of La Mesa, California, we welcome you to call Dr. German Trujillo and his team today at Pearlmax Oral Surgery.

The office is in Suite #220 at 4520 Executive Drive and can be reached by dialing (858) 434-7554.