If you reside in the area of Coronado, California, and are searching for a surgical dentist “near me,” we invite you to call the office of Pearlmax Oral Surgery. Dr. German Trujillo is an oral and maxillofacial surgery provider who can assist with a wide range of oral surgery procedures.

What does a surgical dentist do?

Dr. German Trujillo is a specialized oral surgeon who has undergone extensive training and education in oral and maxillofacial surgery. This type of dental professional is highly skilled in performing many surgical procedures related to the mouth, jaw, and facial structures. Some standard procedures that a surgical dentist may perform include:

  • Wisdom teeth extraction. The wisdom teeth, or the third molars, develop last in the smile and are known for becoming extremely problematic for many patients. They often require removal, which may require planned or emergency dental surgery. Wisdom teeth that have broken through the gumline can be addressed with simple surgery, while those that are impacted or stuck underneath the gumline need to be removed with surgical extraction.
  • Dental implant placement. Dental implants are a very popular option for patients to select when faced with tooth loss or extraction. These titanium metal posts are surgically placed into the patient’s jawbone to act as a tooth root replacement and can hold a variety of restorations such as crowns, bridges, or dentures.
  • Corrective jaw surgery. Also known as orthognathic surgery, this dental procedure is used to correct any irregularities in the jaw bones that may be causing issues with bite alignment, facial appearance, or speech. This specific type of surgery requires careful planning and can significantly improve both the function and aesthetics of the patient’s mouth and face.
  • Reconstructive surgery. Traumatic injuries or congenital defects can result in damage to the mouth, jaw, and facial structures that may require reconstructive surgery. This type of procedure can help restore the appearance and function of these areas for patients.
  • Bone grafting. Patients might require bone grafting to restore the jawbone or to prepare for the placement of dental implants. Bone grafting is described as a surgical procedure that involves taking healthy bone tissue from one area of the patient’s body and transplanting it to the jawbone. This helps strengthen and support the jaw for future dental procedures.

How do I know if I need to visit an oral and maxillofacial surgeon?

Your primary dentist or dental provider will often make a referral to Pearlmax Oral Surgery if you require any services that they are unable to perform. Oral surgeons are specialists who have received additional training and education in surgical procedures of the mouth, jaw, and facial structures. You may also seek out an oral surgeon on your own if you have any concerns or issues related to these areas that require surgical intervention.

Where can I find a surgical dentist in my community?

Dr. German Trujillo and the team at Pearlmax Oral Surgery in San Diego, California, are pleased to provide a wide selection of oral surgery procedures and reconstructive dentistry for new and returning patients in Coronado and beyond.

The office is conveniently located at 4520 Executive Drive, Suite #220, and can be reached by phone at (858) 434-7554.