The wisdom teeth, also referred to by dentists as the third molars, are a common cause of concern for many patients in and around San Diego, California. Dr. German Trujillo and his team at Pearlmax Oral Surgery can help when patients need impacted tooth removal surgery or molar tooth extraction. If you are looking for a wisdom teeth surgeon “near me” in the area of National City, California, we invite you to call Pearlmax Oral Surgery to schedule a consultation visit.

Why are wisdom teeth often problematic for patients and require removal?

The wisdom teeth are often problematic for patients due to their late eruption, usually during the teenage years or early twenties. By this time, most patients’ mouths are already fully developed, and there may not be enough space for these extra molars to properly emerge. This can result in impacted wisdom teeth, where they grow at an angle or get stuck under the gum line. Additionally, some patients will have wisdom teeth removed in preparation for orthodontic treatment or to avoid changes to orthodontic treatment already accomplished.

What can I expect from my appointment with a wisdom teeth surgeon?

First, we invite patients to consult Dr. German Trujillo to decide if they need a third molar tooth extraction. He will evaluate the smile and take x-rays to determine the current placement of the wisdom teeth and how they may affect the patient over the long term. If one or more teeth are impacted, tooth removal surgery will be discussed.

There are two types of removal, including simple teeth removal and surgical teeth removal.

  • Simple teeth removal. With simple teeth removal, the wisdom teeth are already erupted through the gum line. This provides Dr. German Trujillo easy access to remove them without having to surgically open up the gums. Recovery and healing are faster, but patients do need to be mindful of following their aftercare instructions to reduce the risk of issues such as dry sockets.
  • Surgical teeth removal. With surgical teeth removal, the wisdom teeth are not yet visible and may require a small incision in the gum tissue for extraction. This is typically necessary for impacted wisdom teeth that have become stuck or are growing at an angle. Recovery may take longer, and patients may experience some swelling and discomfort, but this method ensures complete removal of the problematic tooth.

In addition to wisdom teeth removal, Dr. German Trujillo also offers options for anesthesia for wisdom teeth removal. This can include local anesthesia, IV sedation, or even general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s preference and comfort level, as well as one’s level of dental anxiety.

Where can I learn more about a wisdom teeth surgeon near me?

Dr. German Trujillo and his dedicated team at Pearlmax Oral Surgery serve patients in and around the area of San Diego, California, and can assist those who are in need of simple or surgical teeth removal.

For a third molar tooth extraction in National City, CA, call (858) 434-7554 to request an appointment at 4520 Executive Drive, Suite #220.