Experience Our Gentle Approach to Dentistry with IV Sedation Dentistry

Have you been putting off dental appointments because of dental fear? Today is the day to change all that. Pearlmax Oral Surgery proudly offers intravenous (IV) sedation dentistry to help you overcome dental fear to put your mind at ease. Don’t let dental fear bar you from receiving dental treatments necessary to restore your oral health. Whether you have a strong gag reflex or low intolerance to pain, talk to Dr. German Trujillo about sedation dentistry.

Why do I have dental fear?

Do you sweat or panic when you think about a dental appointment? These are signs you have dental fear or anxiety. Some people honor dental visits without giving them any thought. However, others become too anxious about dental appointments and cancel them, missing out on crucial dental care.

Happy Child Patient in Clinic

What causes the fear of the dentist? There are several reasons. Some include:

  • Past traumatic dental experience
  • Fear of loss of control
  • The view that your mouth is a personal area and someone working on it is invading your personal space
  • The thought of needles and drills
  • Generalized anxiety or post-trauma depression
  • Fear of the unknown

Gone are the days when patients with dental fear had to miss important dental appointments. Today, we have several proven sedation options to help you overcome dental phobia for a relaxed dental experience.

IV sedation dentistry: what to expect

When you visit Pearlmax Oral Surgery, we won’t expect you to sit in the dental chair and undergo treatment without help. Our sympathetic team helps you battle your dental fear for the most comfortable treatment possible.

Whether you want a simple or an extensive procedure like impacted wisdom tooth removal, we offer painless dentistry to help you remain calm as the dentist works on you. We offer IV sedation dentistry to overcome moderate to severe dental fear.

Here is what to expect when considering IV sedation dentistry in your next procedure.

  • Medical evaluation: We review your medical history to eliminate complications during treatment.
  • Preparation: We will advise you not to eat or drink 8 hours before the procedure. Besides, you must have someone accompany you for treatment, as you can not drive yourself home because of the sedation.
  • Administering: We will administer the sedation through an IV line while seated in the dental chair. We give the medication gradually, but the effects start within minutes.
  • Dental work: IV sedation puts you in a complete sleep state. You won’t know what is happening as the dentist works on you. However, for your safety, we monitor your vital signs during treatment, including heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. 
  • Recovery: You will gain consciousness shortly after we complete your treatment. We will monitor you closely until you become fully alert. However, you may continue feeling groggy and disoriented hours after the treatment.

Don’t let dental fear take control of your dental health. Instead, please dial (858) 434-7554 to talk to Pearlmax Oral Surgery about IV sedation dentistry. We want you to enjoy stress-free dentistry even as your oral health flourishes.