Common oral pathologies and their treatment options

Pearlmax Oral Surgery values your oral health. We emphasize preventive care to ensure your smile looks and feels its best. But even with the best oral habits, problems always occur. If you experience pain, bleeding, or unusual symptoms in your mouth, oral pathology helps Dr. German Trujillo find the answers you need. So, don’t feel embarrassed if you suspect you have an oral disorder. Instead, please book an appointment with our San Diego, California office for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Understanding oral diseases

One of the reasons we encourage routine dental appointments is to detect oral cancer. Dental exams aren’t about detecting gum disease and cavities — dentists also conduct oral cancer screening.

Inside of Mouth

We often inspect your gums, tongue, neck, and other oral structures to look out for:

  • Lumps
  • Patches 
  • Sores
  • Other abnormal symptoms that could indicate the presence of mouth cancer

Should we find concerning symptoms, we recommend a biopsy to confirm or rule out oral cancer.

Most patients fear the worst when they notice white patches, unusual lumps, and mouth bleeding. While these are classic symptoms of mouth cancer, it’s not always the case. Oral diseases manifest in many ways, and the best thing to do is book an appointment with a skilled oral surgeon for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Besides cancer, oral diseases may come in the form of soft tissue lesions, bone lesions, gum disease, and pain in the jaw, neck, and head. Anything that hinders you from chewing, talking, or smiling is an oral problem, and you should seek prompt treatment.

How we address oral pathologies

A healthy mouth is key to a happy life. The best way to protect your smile is to practice optimal preventive care — this involves a nutritious diet, good oral hygiene, dental appointments, and quitting tobacco use.

Unfortunately, bad things may happen even to the healthiest people. Thanks to oral pathology, we can detect oral diseases early enough when they are easy to treat. Besides detection, we can treat most oral pathologies in our office. For instance, we can remove jaw cysts and reconstruct your jaw for better function and improved appearance.

However, if we detect oral conditions like oral cancer, we refer you to an expert for specialized care. Handling your oral problem depends on your unique need. But whatever oral pathologies throw your way, we will help you find the optimal solution.

Enjoy peace of mind with our oral pathology services

If you are battling oral pathologies and wondering where to start, we are here to help you. Please call (858) 434-7554 to schedule an appointment with Pearlmax Oral Surgery. We will help you resolve concerns about your oral health.